Hello Shopify! Bye Bye Etsy!

In February of 2022, Etsy changed their policy to disallow the sale of beaded Baltic Amber jewelry. This came without warning or explanation. So here I am! I am pleased to join you cool kids over here on Shopify! I make Baltic Amber, Hazelwood, and Crystal Healing Jewelry and other healing stuff. I have been on Etsy since 2011. All of our jewelry is made to order with LOVE! 

I appreciate everyone's patience and support through this difficult transition. The hardest part of this new website is that it does not allow for as many options per listing. I make everything to order so there are many, many options! The solution for now is to have a bunch of individual listings, 1 for each of the many styles. For the listings like the trach chain and the dog collars, you'll have to write a note in your order telling me what color(s) of amber and cord you want since there is only room for lengths in the options. I will try to find a better solution but for now it will work. Please email me if you don't see what you want, I will fix you up!

Thank you for helping me to continue on after Etsy! 



Hello Shopify! Bye Bye Etsy!
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