Amber and Haze after Etsy

Baltic amber is not just for teething babies. I understand why teething necklaces are considered unsafe by a lot of people. The truth is, they can be! That is why it is super important to buy from a reputable source. A good fit is ESSENTIAL! I would not want to trust just anything on my babies especially a one size fits all necklace that was made overseas somewhere! Baltic amber is revered for it's pain relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities. It works for all ages! It works by simply by being worn against the skin. It's healing oils are absorbed in the bloodstream helping anywhere on  the body! There are many other healing aspects as well as helping against EMFs. Anyways, good for all ages. Along with Baltic amber I love to add crystals and stones to help target specific ailments. I have over 70 different ones to choose from! 

Etsy has been a steady business for me over the past 10+ years. Since they changed their policy in February* of this year do disallow the sale of beaded Baltic amber jewelry, I have changed gears and started my own website. Doing this has drastically slowed my business down. This has allowed me to rethink what I have been doing. Big changes are on the horizon as I am making a shift in my vision. Instead of cranking out orders, I have had the time to slow down and create one of a kind pieces. I sure have missed doing this as it is how I got into this in the first place! You can still find all of our trusty styles on our website but at a slightly higher cost as before. Why? Because I have realized that what I offer is special and unique. It is well worth every penny! I stand behind my art and will work with each customer to ensure that everything is top notch! Through this transition I want to thank my wonderful long-time customers as well as make lots and lots of new ones! Just know that what I am giving these days is top shelf intentional jewelry made with so much love, just for you! I am so excited for the future.

Keep an eye out for my future collections of one of a kind pieces. I have truly missed making these but never had time because I was always cranking out orders. I've been collecting beads since I was a child and have finally found "that purpose" for all of it! 

much love,


*Etsy changed their policy in February 2022 to disallow the sale of beaded Baltic amber jewelry. They didn't give me any explanation or warning. I've done some digging on my part though and I think Etsy did this because of a terrible, terrible incident involving a teething necklace and a child. This poor child lost it's life due to strangulation with an amber necklace. The picture that is floating around is of this child wearing the necklace. It was an adult sized necklace and that is very dangerous! This sweet child twisted the necklace around, got an arm stuck and choked himself. So awful!!! If this necklace had been the correct length this could not have happened! I can not express how important it is for a good fit! A safety clasp is always a good idea too! Apparently this necklace was initially bought on Etsy and gifted to the mother of this child. The mother tried to sue Etsy but they don't claim responsibility. No one did. My heart breaks for that family! I just wish that when they wanted a teething necklace, they had come to me. I am not mad at Etsy for changing their policy. I think that it weeds out a lot of resellers and sellers that do not make quality items. Maybe it will save a life in the future. I hope no more mother's go through that! 

life is too short to wear boring jewelry
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