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I am Emmalee, the woman behind Amber and Haze. I’m a crunchy momma. I’ve homebirthed, breastfed, cloth diapered, and am an overall a clean living kind of mom. My vision started in 2011 when my second child was diagnosed failure to thrive. Funny story, she was 11lb 8oz at birth! Only thing was, she was still that size at 7mo. Like many mom’s, I was desperate to help my daughter but didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals. I had heard about how hazelwood can help with constipation and digestion. I purchased a hazelwood and amber necklace for her and WOW did it work. Since it worked I just had to buy some of these magical beads and make myself a necklace for my acne. Just to think, I had been plagued with acne since puberty and all I needed was a cute hazelwood necklace! Not only did it work but it also provided a great distraction for my little nurslings. I shared my miracle cure with friends and before you knew it I had made everyone around jewelry and they were singing their own testimonies. It truly has been a blessing in my life as it inspired me to start Amber and Haze. I am so grateful! This has allowed me to be a single mom of 4 and stay at home with them. I love helping people and my jewelry has allowed me to find my purpose! There is something for everyone! I feel like a super hero, kissing Boo-Boos all over the world! 

Our Materials

Since I started over 10 years ago I have bought amber from alot of companies. When I found my beloved supplier, I knew it was the beginning of a very long business relationship! My Baltic amber beads are unpolished round or olive shaped and are made exactly to my specifications, specifically for me!! I do not deal with baroque shapes since they were not very comfortable or durable. The round and olive shapes that I use are of the highest quality I have ever seen! I also have some funky shapes: barrel, faceted, and faceted discs. They are found in some of my one of a kind collection pieces. Our hazelwood beads are shorter than you will find elsewhere. These are special because they are more durable and allow me to blend them with even more other beads! I have over 75 crystals and stones in our collection that can be added to our jewelry. 

How Can it Help You?

Baltic amber alone is good for any inflammation and pain but if you need something more I am your woman! As a Master of Crystology I love to add crystals and stones to help target specific ailments. I have some healing styles listed on my store for some specific ailments: migraine, eczema, allergy, reflux, colic, and healthy ears. The possibilities are endless so I don’t have listings for everything. Everything is made to order anyways so customizing is easy! 

  • It's all in the quality and the details..

    Since establishment in 2011, we offer the highest quality Baltic Amber, that comes from a small family owned company in Lithuania and are made specifically for me according to my specifications; 4mm-6mm unpolished, raw, and almost perfectly round.

  • Handmade to perfection...

    Everything is handmade to order and hand-knotted between each bead for added safety. You choose length, clasp, and style. There is love and intention in every piece made uniquely to provide one of a kind quality jewelry to every customer.

  • Trust a certified crystal healer..

    We love to tailor jewelry to suit it's wearer by adding crystals and stones to help target specific ailments. Making jewelry since childhood was a passionate hobby that was lucky enough to become a career with over 10 years that we have been in the business industry!