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Baltic Amber Adjustable Bracelet, Anklet, Thigh or Arm Jewelry, Children and Adults, Raw & Unpolished, Genuine, Certified

Amber and Haze LLC

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The perfect gift for a special someone or for yourself! I love these because they are adjustable and can be passed around to the whole family. Most of my other jewelry requires an exact measurement, making gifting kind of hard. These are adjustable so guessing the perfect size is easy! For a growing child it makes the best anklet that will turn bracelet after time. I saved my children's anklet/bracelets as keepsakes!
These are also great for leg pain or arm pain because they can fit tight up in the location that you need it and will stay in place if you want to wear them as leg or arm jewelry! Keep in mind though that Baltic amber will help with any inflammation and pain no matter where it is worn on your body! 

Picture #1 has Multi in the front, then Lemon, then Green, and Milky towards the back. The second picture is on the Calming Girl(milky amber and calming stones) and the Calming Boy(it is made with black cord and calming stones & green amber)
Picture #2 has Rainbow Hug in the front. then the Eczema Style(lemon amber and eczema stones), then the Calming Girl(milky amber and calming stones), then finally the Calming Girl with Coffee Colored Amber in the back.

Available in many combinations of amber, hazelwood, and stones! To read about the other healing styles please look through my store!

There are several sizes to choose from:
You want to measure for the length you need, and choose the one closest to the length. They will open up to allow room to fit over the hand or foot to get on. Example, my wrist is 7.5" so I wear a 7" size.

These are made standard with a cream colored nylon cord(except for the calming boy) and are made adjustable by a macrame sleeve. I have light brown, dark brown, black, lavender, pink, and blue colored nylon cords if you prefer, simply write a note in the transaction letting me know!

To customize- remind me in the notes what you want and I will fix you up! Everything is made to order anyways so customizing is easy!

******Not sure what your supposed to get? ALL OF OUR AMBER IS UNPOLISHED and RAW so you can't go wrong with any color!!

To clean: Just like all of my jewelry, I recommend washing it really well every once in a while. Built-up body oils make the beads start to appear polished. Remove the build up with dish soap, warm water, and a toothbrush. It strips the oils off and makes the beads as good as new!
Also, I am not a doctor or anything but I do use this stuff on my own family and we love it!

These statements are required by US law [Small Parts Regulations]. As with any children’s toys containing small pieces, new legislation effect in the US in February, 2009, mandates an age recommendation of 3 years and older for this type of jewelry. This necklace is NOT a toy! As with any other items containing small objects, adult supervision is recommended at all times while this item is being worn. Due to this law I am required to state this.



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