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Baltic Amber Pet Collar, Dog Collar, Cat Collar, Flea Collar

Amber and Haze LLC

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The perfect gift for your special fur-baby!

Did you know that Baltic amber can repel fleas and ticks? A dog or cat collar is a great solution for repelling these pesky insects! They also help with inflammation and pain for our pet friends!

(Picture of the dog is of the Multicolored amber and the cat is wearing the All Raw Multi. The picture of the collar alone is with honey colored amber.)

I have included pictures of 40 different styles of my necklaces to use as inspiration as you choose the style of amber that you want your collar made with. This will be made to order so feel free to customize, simply choose custom and let me know what you want!

These are made standard with a cream colored nylon cord and are have plastic buckles. I also have brown, light brown, black, pink, lavender, and blue colored nylon cords if you prefer, simply write a note in the transaction letting me know!

To customize- remind me in the notes what you want and I will fix you up! Everything is made to order anyways so customizing is easy!

To clean: Just like all of my jewelry, I recommend washing it really well every once in a while. Built-up body oils make the beads start to appear polished. Remove the build up with dish soap, warm water, and a toothbrush. It strips the oils off and makes the beads as good as new!



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