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Baltic Amber Roller Balls and Essential Oil Blends, Aromatherapy

Amber and Haze LLC

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This listing is for any of our special essential oil blends in 10ml roller bottles with the Baltic amber roller ball. These roller balls are made out of 100% raw milky colored Baltic amber. 

Baltic amber is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It is also good for stress, mood, sleep, and much more. It works by coming in contact with the skin. These roller balls will add healing benefits to any essential oil blend.

Our Blends are made with organic 100% fractionated coconut oil and high quality 100% pure essential oils. (carrier oil can be substituted to sweet almond oil or hemp oil)

1- Anxiety Ease
2- Stress Relief
3- Head Ease
4- Uplift
5- Breathe Easier
6- Immunity
7- Goodnight
8- Amber and Haze's famous Baltic Amber infused Skin Rub- good for arthritis, sports injuries, growing pains, or just kind of any pain and inflammation! This one is made with organic olive oil. 
9- I have so many essential oils to choose from, if you want to customize just message me. I would love to create a custom blend for you!



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