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Create Your Own Baltic Amber and or Gemstone Necklace, Bracelet, Anklet, or Waistbeads- One on One Design

This listing is for creating healing Baltic amber and Gemstone jewelry tailored to the ailments you have.  Everything is strung on nylon cord and hand knotted between each bead.

How To Order:

Since everything is made to order we can make it any way you want! You will choose the color(s) of amber, length, and clasp. Tell me in the notes what you want. When I get to your order on my worklist I will reach out with any questions and recommendations!

1-COLOR OF AMBER: There are 6 colors of unpolished Baltic amber: milky, lemon, honey, cognac, coffee, and green. Choose 1 or all!

2-LENGTH: This listing has size options from 4"-55" for baby bracelet lengths all of the way up to belly chains. *Measuring for the best fit is always recommended!! Since everything is made to order, items are not easily exchanged! 

3-CLASP: We have 2 clasps to choose from: regular screw clasps and safety tension clasps. The screw clasp screws open and closed and is recommended on most jewelry. The safety tension clasp is recommended on jewelry for young children. They are designed to pop open when pulled on giving you peace of mind! Sometimes kids can learn to pull them off though, this is usually when I change them to a longer necklace anyways with a screw clasp. Adult bracelets and anklets can be made stretchy instead if you prefer, just let us know!

4-SPECIAL INTENTION FOR THE PIECE OF JEWELRY: tell me about your ailments of any intentions you want for your piece.


(*HOW TO MEASURE FOR THE BEST FIT: Measure by tying a string at a comfortable length then cut and measure it. For children's necklaces they should not reach into the mouth. Despite it's deceiving name, a teething necklace is not meant to go into the mouth, but instead simply worn against the skin. This works the same for all ages making it ideal for everyone!)



Our Baltic amber beads are of the highest quality made specifically for us by a large family owned company in Lithuania according to our specifications: unpolished, raw, and almost perfectly round measuring between 4mm and 6mm for ultimate comfort, durability, and beauty!!

*Item may slightly differ from what is shown in the picture due to the variance of this product. Since these are naturally occurring products the shapes and colors will differ from piece to piece.

Care information

YES, YOU CAN GET IT WET!! Chlorine isn't good for it, but a mild soap is. I clean mine with dish soap and a baby toothbrush every once in a while. You will see that the beads become shiny with body oils and will need to be cleaned. Then you can lay it in the sun to warm it and draw out the healing oils again.