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Customize Your Own Hazelwood and Baltic Amber Necklace, Bracelet, or Anklet, - Any Style, Any Length

Amber and Haze LLC

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This listing is for any length Hazelwood with raw and unpolished Baltic Amber and/or gemstones. You can choose any length 4"-25" (can be made longer for belly chains, just message me). Everything is made to order so let me know if you do not see what you want. I love to customize jewelry to suit it's wearer! I am a crystal healer and can "prescribe" crystals and gemstones to help with any ailment or concern!

The first picture is with hazelwood and cognac colored amber. The second picture is on hazelwood and milky colored amber. The third picture is of hazelwood, honey colored amber, and reflux stones. You can choose how many beads you want between the hazelwood. Everything is made to order so you can choose whatever color(s) of amber that you want and any stones that you may need! I love to "prescribe" stones for ailments. Message me and let me help you to pick the best ones for what you need! 

I have added pictures of 40 different amber styles as inspiration to help decide what you want between your hazelwood beads. Choose your favorite or choose custom and let me know what you are thinking!

Our Baltic amber beads are of the highest quality made specifically for us by a large family owned company in Lithuania according to our specifications: almost perfectly round and between 4mm and 6mm for ultimate comfort, durability, and beauty!!

You choose your favorite style and clasp!

YOU CHOOSE THE TYPE OF CLASP: regular screw clasp or a safety tension clasp that is designed to pop open when pulled hard.

These are made and hand knotted to order!


Here are some BASIC SIZES, but PLEASE MEASURE for the best fit because everything is made to order and not easily exchanged:
13" 3 years-6 years old
14" 7 years- 10 years old
15" 10 years- 15 years
16" small woman
18" average woman
20" small man
22" large woman/ average man
23" and up for long necklaces
Any Length Belly Chain, Prices are according to length with every inch more costing $1, just let me know!

Bracelets and Anklets:
These are just average sizes, PLEASE MEASURE for the best fit!
5.5" child bracelet/ anklet
6.5" woman bracelet
7.5" man bracelet
9.5" adult anklet

Measure for the best fit! To do so- measure by tying a string at a comfortable length then cut and measure it.

Hazelwood is believed to help create an alkaline environment which may help appease many of the symptoms caused by excess acidity. Hazelwood has natural properties which absorb and neutralize the body's acidity through simple contact with the skin, making it a great alternative to medicines! Symptoms of being too acidic: psoriasis, acne, acid reflux, eczema, migraines and much more!!

Baltic Amber is not a stone, but a fossilized resin from the sap of the conifer trees which lived 30-90 million years ago. As time passed, these trees were covered by the ocean or the sap was washed by large rivers into the Baltic sea. Throughout time, the resins have hardened and have thus formed into amber and has long been revered for its healing qualities. 

YES, YOU CAN GET IT WET!! Clean with dish soap, warm water, and a toothbrush every once in a while. You will see that the beads become shiny with body oils and will need to be cleaned. Then you can lay it in the sun to dry.

Item may slightly differ from what is shown in the picture due to the natural variance of this product. Since amber is naturally occurring, it is only natural that their shapes and colors will differ from piece to piece.

Also, I am not a doctor or anything but I do use this stuff on my own family and we love it!

Amber and Haze is not to be held liable for improper use of this necklace.

These statements are required by US law [Small Parts Regulations]. As with any children’s toys containing small pieces, new legislation effect in the US in February, 2009, mandates an age recommendation of 3 years and older for this type of jewelry. This necklace is NOT a toy! As with any other items containing small objects, adult supervision is recommended at all times while this necklace is being worn. It is not recommended to leave this necklace on a child while they are sleeping. Due to this law I am required to state this.



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